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Football Training Equipment

Welcome to Rebound Box
Rebound Box provides revolutionary football training equipment which helps all players realise their potential. The Rebound Box products are highly performant rebounders which rebound a ball with fantastic pace and with different ball delivery height and trajectory on every rebound!

The Rebound Box products are exceptional in improving first touch, passing and general control of a ball. The Rebound Box products are a new innovation and have already been taken by Aston Villa, Swansea City, Cardiff City, Stoke City, Bolton Wanderers, Blackburn Rovers, Wolves, West Bromwich Albion, Wrexham FC, Cercle Brugge (Belgium), The David Beckham Academy, Walsall FC, Oldham Athletic, Morecambe FC, Luton Town FC and the Brazilian Soccer Schools.

Bryan Jones - Academy Director at Aston Villa FC - assessed that the Rebound Box products were "simply a marvellous training aid!". Rebound Box products are particularly suited for home use in the garden or similar area. They can be used by players on their own or by groups of players. The interest in Rebound Box training units has attracted news coverage from ITV Central News and the company appeared on Dragons’ Den.

As Seen On ITV Central News - being used at Aston Villa Training Ground
Rebound Box on TV

As Seen On Dragons' Den - "A Fantastic Product" - Theo Paphitis

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Football Training Aid

The Rebound Box products assist player development by providing a training platform, which improves footwork, balance, passing, shooting, volleying and the general playing of the ball at pace. By allowing a player to repeat drills that enhance core ball control skills, the player's improved muscle memory and better skill stamina reduces response time and improves technical excellence.

The Rebound Box website provides some of the drills for players to use for core skill development. In addition, players can track their skill development and measure their performance against other players. This ability to measure improvement is vital for players to manage their own training and skill development.

There are two principal products: Rebound Box Classic and Rebound Box Double. Both products have the unique capabilities (see section How it works) in being able to deliver a ball at pace, at varying heights and at varying trajectories.

Rebound Box Key Features:

  • Unique panel design rebounds ball at pace and with variation
  • The Rebound Box design supports rebound panels at different angles allowing the player to practice a complete range of ball control techniques
  • The unique metal design rebounds ball strikes quickly retaining the ballís energy more effectively than plastic, wood or netting materials
  • The ready mobility of the Rebound Boxes allows players to easily create their own practice drills to focus on their own skill development
  • Players can manage their own training schedules. The Rebound Box web site provides players free access to new drills and skill tests
  • Players can track their performance and measure their improvement against players from all around the world through the Rebound Box league table
  • Easy to set-up, Rebound Box products can be assembled in minutes and are designed for use both inside and outside and on any playing surface
  • The Rebound Box products are very durable and are ideal for prolonged outdoor use

Improve Your Football Skills

The Rebound Box products are an ideal coaching tool which can be used for both individual and group training drills. Individual players can use them at home to improve both imagination and technical ball mastery at speed while coaches can use the products to focus on all aspects of a team's technical development.

"Simply a marvellous training aid!"

Bryan Jones,
Academy Director Aston Villa Football Club.